But I wanna be In Da Club

I’ve just had the most glorious walk with my dear friend Joy. We were sat on the li’l wall on the Long Walk in Galway, and we were one or two groups down from a few lads playing some acoustic tunes who had a few cans on them.

The sun was the hottest it’s been in a long time, and we’d just had iced lollies and fizzy drinks on a walk from Duggan’s Spar in Renmore all the way along The Line, the photo-friendly bridge on Lough Atalia, to where we were sat now.

We were on about unbelievably wanting…

How the job market makes me feel like an out of practice excessively anxious singleton

I had to write this post while my tummy was still high, in a neutral-glycemic kind of way, on my first home-made hummus which I had in a sandwich of cucumber, soft leafy lettuce, two Linda McCartney sausages, a small teaspoon of Tesco Finest onion chutney, and a slick of full fat mayonnaise.

Ooh man, I made a good one. It will be a future party pleaser.

And while I waited to hear back from a recruiter, as they said they would get back to me, letting me know how I got on as a candidate for a job. The…

We made it!

I was nearly going to write about all the things that local government in Galway have announced as huge future public investment projects and to say here that I want them to keep their promises and keep working on them in 2021. With a loved-up enthusiasm whereby the individual employees who are working on them feel that, by continuing to try and solve the associated roadblocks that these projects contain, know that they will greatly improve their own lives.

I was also considering talking a bit about the psychological and social impact of the scandal at GMIT whereby lecturers were…

Christmas shoppers in Henry Street, Dublin. Image sought from Google under the creative commons licence

And how we should engage with the small business

Imagine trying to buy presents for either your nearest and dearest or yourself this Christmas without then engaging in the spirit of Christmas itself in the same interaction. Especially this Christmas 2020.

Obviously, one might assume that more people are turning to online shopping to carry out the buying of their Christmas presents this year. And now that we know exactly what we Irish can be getting up to the two weeks at Christmastime we want to be making those Christmas presents extra special given that we might not get to see everyone that we were hoping to. …

Hip hip hooray!

Isn’t she lovely? Admittedly the blogger responsible for this blog post was too mindful on her walk today to be toxically attached to her phone to actually take a photo of the city. This is from the 30th of October!

There was absolute scenes on the streets of Galway City today with people making the cutest looks around their nearest vicinity to their fellow gentlemen and ladies (and everything in between ;-)), and the architecture and nature of the area.

People just wanted to absorb all the good vibes of Thursday. The vibes that only Thursday knows how to have when it is the day that comes before Friday.

The atmosphere filled with hope started off with the guy who maintains my housing estate power washing the paths. …

But I can’t seem to

I had to make the most of the good weather this Thursday here in Galway.

My husband was going in to work that day- an occasional feature in his working week now that he and his colleagues mostly work from home to social distance.

I didn’t want to be cocooned at home staring at the job updates on LinkedIn feeling the absence of him coming into make his cup of coffee while we giggle waiting for the kettle to boil.

So I decided to drive to one of my favourite city woods, and boy was this a good decision.


Can we cover major events such as elections without scaring ourselves?

So it has been hard for me trying to be creative under the current situation(s) the planet is finding itself in. But alas, one should be sticking to some sort of vocational routine outside of getting up, eating breakfast, doing workouts, showering, and cooking those nutritional meals.

Before I proceed, please put chipotle paste, pre-roasted jars of peppers and a tin of refried beans in your chili pot. They are low in calories and you will thank me for it.

When the world gets crazy, I tend to go into hermit mode. I am an empath and when there is…

Who help keep the faith that all is not lost for the progression of human rights in Ireland

Leinster House

Certain female politicians proved themselves to be blooming brilliant this week in the country’s effort to tackle COVID-19.

In that spirit I have compiled for you a list that is in no particular order of preference- nor an exhaustive list- but a representation of the quality of politician either in public office, or campaigned to be, that I most admire.

You’d see me rush my make-up and leg it to an ATM as quickly as possible just so I can catch a few pints with them if I suddenly found out they were all sat round a table in a…

In this story I give a personal perspective on the subject of weightloss

Left: me just before I said yes to Cormac my husband at my wedding with a full face of makeup in January 2019. Right: over 10 years ago at a cousin’s wedding where I just needed a highlighting concealer in certain areas and bronzer to enhance my face.

This time of the year in 2011 I was staying long term in my aunt Caitriona’s house in Moycullen with her husband and commuting into Adecco Recruitment Solutions in Abbeygate Street in Galway.

This was the beginning of my career in human resource management even though I was originally from Dublin.

I had followed my now husband to Galway, as back then, I had no sense that my career was mine- my decision making ability here was completely up Schitt’s Creek…

Flash back to the previous summer, and myself and my aunt, also a Dub, were walking the prom in…

Katherine Condon

Have you ever felt that the way you feel in your body is because of the way you feel about your career? I write about workplace culture, weightloss and more…

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